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Maybank Enterprise Portal

The Conglomerate and big company, now days have investing and developing their business portal for employees and customers. They spent a lot of money to transform the existing system to a new system for a better communication in relation of business performance. As for example, Maybank has developed its own portal which called as Enterprise Portal for the whole group staff of the company using web based. The main purpose of this portal is to improve the company performance interm of cost saving and efficiency of work flow. This portal is to cater around thirty thousand of users locally and internationally. The content of this portal comprise such as Emails, HR2U, My Campus, E-SPI, Corporate Communication, BNM Reporting, IT and Infrastructure and etc. I do belief that not all of users fully utilised this portal. Some users may only used certain applications which are related to their works and tasks. But some users know how to use HR2U application only for example to apply leave, to claim OT and to view pay slip. On the other hand this group is reluctant to use it is due to technology resistance. Other constraints such as system slow during peak time and lack of hardware are the reasons why some users refuse to utilise this portal.


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