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Maybank Enterprise MIS Framework

Maybank  Enterprise MIS Framework

In conjunction with Maybank has been in the business for last 50 years, former Maybank Group CCO Datuk Johar Che Mat in his last year service with Maybank Group has commented the important of MIS in the Maybank future progress. His statement as for the following below mentioned.
Maybank’s success for the last 50 years since inception can be linked to our ability to remain innovative and relevant with the change of time. Indeed, successful organisations are those that continue to remain relevant over time. They adapt to the changing environment, and continue to update their knowledge and tools of trade. Malaysia is a good example. While traditional weapons such as keris and tombak remain our national heritage, we now have advanced fighter jets, submarines, military intelligence, etc. as our tools of national security in the modern world.
Today, we are competing in the “Information Age” that is characterised by massive volume and high speed of information. In recent years, we are confronted with a phenomenal growth in data and information that are delivered at increasing speed like never before. To win business in the Information Age, we must adopt the data management practices of the Information Age. The ability to align enterprise data and information to our business needs is crucial.
Hence at Maybank, we regard data and information as strategic assets and treat them as such. All of us work with data that is relevant to our respective functions. Anything we do, or don’t do, to that data will affect its value as data travels across many systems throughout the Bank. A wrong customer name or address for instance, will affect the accuracy of information and our relationship with the customer. For this reason, every employee of the Bank must be aware of the implication of their actions on the data they come in contact with in carrying out their daily work.
The Maybank Enterprise MIS Framework is established to serve as a common guide to help us manage the rapidly growing volume and complexity of enterprise data, and to put in place the processes and technology needed to enhance the value of this asset to our business. It is also intended to help upgrade the standards of our MIS and data management practices, the quality and integrity of data and information, as well as the enabling data architecture, in order to support our business aspirations.
Additionally, the MIS Framework will ensure our compliance with Bank Negara’s guidelines and expectations relating to MIS and data management. Bank Negara of course, as the financial services regulatory authority, continues to set and raise the benchmark on standards and practices of the regulated financial institutions to ensure that we remain competitive at the international level.
Please refer to the MIS Framework for guidance on MIS and data management requirements, principles and practices as appropriate. It is intended to be a living document and will be updated from time to time to ensure that our MIS and data management standards and practices remain relevant to our business in the ever-changing business environment (Datuk Johar Che Mat, 2010).

Enterprise Portal

Maybank Enterprise Portal

The Conglomerate and big company, now days have investing and developing their business portal for employees and customers. They spent a lot of money to transform the existing system to a new system for a better communication in relation of business performance. As for example, Maybank has developed its own portal which called as Enterprise Portal for the whole group staff of the company using web based. The main purpose of this portal is to improve the company performance interm of cost saving and efficiency of work flow. This portal is to cater around thirty thousand of users locally and internationally. The content of this portal comprise such as Emails, HR2U, My Campus, E-SPI, Corporate Communication, BNM Reporting, IT and Infrastructure and etc. I do belief that not all of users fully utilised this portal. Some users may only used certain applications which are related to their works and tasks. But some users know how to use HR2U application only for example to apply leave, to claim OT and to view pay slip. On the other hand this group is reluctant to use it is due to technology resistance. Other constraints such as system slow during peak time and lack of hardware are the reasons why some users refuse to utilise this portal.

Phishing and Online banking fraud

M2U Fraud

Everybody now go for online banking. It is very convenience and very fast. You can perform your banking transactions at everywhere and at any time you like. It is very safe and secured to perform banking at your fingertips. You do not bother to go to the bank to perform banking transactions instead of online banking. But you must be very careful of online fraud and phishing. It is very ram perm that you heard money has been transferred out from the account without knowledge of the account holder. How such things can be happened? Even though the security features has been emplaced for each and every one of the account holder. Since this is a current issue that online user quit lacking with information technology knowledge and they can easily become a victim of the fraudster. I come forward on this issue as my concern to curb them from being a fraud victim.  I am also the online banking user for quit long since Maybank launched M2U in year 2000 and I am very confidence to perform transactions with no big deal and worried about the security features for M2u. As staff of Maybank, I would like to share some important message to all online banking users of the important reminder for “not be a victim”. Beware of fraudulent telephones calls, emails or SMS requesting personal banking information. Some advice, users are reminded not to disclose their personal identification number (PIN) and passwords to third parties under any circumstance. Always click on the correct URL, Maybank URL is http://www.maybank2u.com.my// (source Maybank).  Bank Negara Malaysia and commercial banks will NEVER request for personal banking information or confirmation of credit card transactions through telephone calls, emails or SMS, http://www.bnm.gov.my/ (source BNM). Always contact the nearest Maybank branches around you, if you encounter such reminder of any uncommon SMS and email pertaining to your account.
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